Jan Oblak for Benedetti Life in Madrid

Recently, I have been honoured to spend some time with an amazing human being, Jan Oblak. Jan doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone acquainted with the world of sports, but for everyone else he is one of the best goalkeepers in football. He is currently playing for Atlético Madrid and in the 2018/19 season won the Ricardo Zamora Trophy for the best goalkeeper in the Spanish league for the fourth consecutive year.

I met Jan in the company of the common friends we have, both of us standing out from the crowd carrying a glass of water instead of wine.  A couple of jokes turned into a conversation. We found out we had much more in common than one would perhaps anticipate. Football is a team game, it is about solving problems through cooperation. And so is the main concept behind Benedetti Life, and life in general.

Jan is open and understanding with regard to what I strive to do with the complex issue of sustainability in the world of fashion. So we decided to do some things together.

The first chapter of our cooperation was his endorsement of my clothes through a photoshoot we did in Madrid, because sporting clean, healthy and cruelty-free fashion doesn’t only feel good, but looks good as well.

Our next joint project is going to be the launch of ecological T-shirts bearing Jan’s signature, designed especially for his fans.

Always positive and forward looking,


Matea Benedetti

Image Photo: Julio Barcena