The Enver Protocol: The Guarantee of Authenticity

June06, 2019

At BENEDETTI Life we work hard to produce garments to the highest standards in terms of quality, beauty, fit,sustainability and fair trade practices. To protect ourwork, and make sure customers are getting a genuine Benedetti Life product, we use the Enver Protocolthat was developed in Slovenia. This means that all our items come with a QR code that you can scan using your smartphone or other device to learn more about how they were produced, tracking their movement from the atelier to your wardrobe.

The clothing industry is the second most affected by counterfeitingand piracy worldwide, after footwear, with an estimated 16% of branded clothing being fake. By using the Enver Protocol designers, producers, customs officers, retailers and consumers can be certain that the items they have are the real thing, with their authenticity guaranteed beyond a doubt.

This is important, because counterfeit garments are not only of lower quality, but also do not live up to the high standards with regard to fair trade and sustainability that are the foundation of Benedetti Life.

You can learn more about the Enver Protocol here:

Photo: Rok Petelin

Mateja Benedetti