New sustainable uniforms for the service team of Hiša Franko- two Michelin stars restaurant

New sustainable uniforms for the service team of Hiša Franko- two Michelin stars restaurant

SLOVENIJA, 19/7/2021

We are glad to announce a new collaboration with Hiša Franko. The two great minds are Ana Roš, chef of Hiša Franko and Matea Benedetti, a Slovenian award-winning fashion designer. The result of the collaboration are the new uniforms for the service team that reflect so much the soul of Hiša Franko and the beautiful environment the restaurant is part of.  

Ana fell in love with Matea’s work and after a while she asked her to design the uniforms for the front oh house team. 

Ana Roš: “I have been following the work of Matea Benedetti for some time now and I have always admired daring people. Our view of life is similarly colorful, but above all it is very close to Nature. One morning I was staring across the meadows towards the mountain Krn with coffee in my hand and thinking about the future. It was just a few weeks before the  reopening of the restaurant. Worries and fears in my head have accumulated to such an extent that I didn't even notice everything beautiful around me. But that view of all the green around me woke me up. I picked up the phone and called Matea: “Let's do something crazy” We brought wild, colorful, green, lush nature to the restaurant premises. Ecological materials, images of ferns, dandelions, dragonflies turned the atmosphere in Hiša Franko into a catwalk, a theatrical performance with a single clear message: HOW BEAUTIFUL THE WORLD IS”

The uniforms are made entirely of non-animal textiles. Men's jackets and POLO T-shirts are made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified), digitally printed on a water basis. Women's clothing is made of viscose, printed with motifs of meadow plants and animals, from butterflies to dragonflies, ferns, poppies and dandelions. The sommelier’s clothing is adorned with a pattern of vines and grapes. All T-shirts are made of ECOVERO fabric, which is based on a wood frame and is 100% biodegradable. Female motifs are floral, while males are adorned with dragonflies. All clothes are made locally. Sustainable, animal friendly and unique

The design of the uniforms is made under the brand BENEDETTI LIFE and designed completely by Matea Benedetti while the patterns are designed by Bojan Ceglar.