Long Life Polo Knitted Dress

Long Life Polo Knitted Dress



MADE in Europe


This timeless and organic cotton knit polo dress with corozo buttons is a classic and comfortable piece for every occasion. Embroidered Benedetti Life branding represents the next generation of sustainable luxury. The yarn is dyed without the use of carcinogenic or allergenic colourants, and is skin- and environment-friendly. 


  • COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton, GOTS


  • MADE: in Europe

  • PRODUCED: in Slovenia

  • CARE: wash the garments at 60°C maximum with neutral soap. Do not soak. Dry washing is suggested in the case of garments with contrasting colours. Do not dry and iron at temperatures over 150°C.


  • fits to size

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Ecological certifications:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

These certificates guarantee that no toxic chemicals were used in the production process of this garment nor were released in the environment. This product is made of 100% organic genetically unmodified cotton, meaning that no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or defoliants were used in the process of its farming, and no carcinogenic or allergenic dyes were used on it after that. 

Benedetti Life is a toxin-free fashion label that cherishes the health of its consumers and the environment alike. Benedetti Life guarantees that its supply chain is socially responsible and respectful of the environment and all the creatures that live in it.


Vegetable ivory buttons 

All Benedetti Life buttons are 100% corozo, a material found in the tagua palm tree nut. The white and very hard endosperm of tagua nut closely resembles ivory, which is why it is also known as “vegetable ivory”. Corozo buttons are a completely natural, animal free and renewable source of ivory. A single female tagua palm tree can produce up to 50 pounds of tagua nuts a year, which corresponds roughly to the amount of ivory contained in the average African elephant tusk. Elephants, however, can yield ivory only once, and usually have to die in the process. Production of corozo is an alternative source of income for farmers, and therefore prevents cutting down the rainforests, while it also preserves one of the most magnificent mammals that has ever roamed the earth.



The product is protected with the Enver Protocol.