Floral Red Men Polo Shirt

Floral Red Men Polo Shirt

172.80 288.00

Preorders 40% discount: 172.80 Eur

Benedetti Life sees online limited edition preorders as a way to reduce overstocking and therefore avoid potentially unsold items that then become textile waste.

  • we accept preorders from June 1 2019 to November 1 2019

  • delivery date February 1 2020

Season start : 288.00 Eur

  • February 1 2020 – August 1 2020


MADE in Europe


A bamboo jersey shirt that combines the daring elegance of the colour print with the youthful comfort of a polo. Embroidered with Benedetti Life branding that represents the next generation of sustainable luxury. With vegetal ivory buttons, short sleeves, and a soft, breathable fabric. 


  • COMPOSITION: 95% bamboo 5%spandex

  • 100% organic cotton, GOTS

  • BUTTONS: 100% corozo

  • COLOUR: black, floral-red

  • MOTIF: flowers, birds

  • PRINT: water-based digital printing

  • MADE: in Europe

  • PRODUCED: in Croatia

  • PRINTED: in Italy

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Our bamboo fabric is an incredibly soft, smooth, comfortable, luxurious and strong material. It is antistatic and has excellent wicking properties. Being antibacterial it presents a good solution for skin problems. It is highly breathable in hot weather, and significantly warmer than traditional fabrics in cold weather. As a plant it thrives naturally without the need for pesticides or fertilisers, and is biodegradable at the end of use. 


Benedetti Life is a toxin-free fashion label that cherishes the health of its customers and the environment alike. Benedetti Life guarantees that its supply chain is socially responsible and respectful of the environment and all the creatures that live in it.



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