Parrot Hat

Parrot Hat

55.30 92.20

Preorders 40% discount: 55.30 Eur

Benedetti Life sees online limited edition preorders as a way to reduce overstocking and therefore avoid potentially unsold items that then become textile waste.

  • we accept preorders from June 1 2019 to November 1 2019

  • delivery date February 1 2020

Season start : 92.20 Eur

  • February 1 2020 – August 1 2020


MADE in Europe

Benedetti Life adjustable organic cotton baseball cap. Embroidered Benedetti Life branding represents the next generation of sustainable luxury.


adjustable size

COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton, GOTS

COLOUR: black

MADE: in Europe

PRODUCED: in Slovenia

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Ecological certifications:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

These certificates guarantee that no toxic chemicals were used in the production process of this garment nor were released in the environment. This product is made of 100% organic genetically unmodified cotton, meaning that no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or defoliants were used in the process of its farming, and no carcinogenic or allergenic dyes were used on it after that. 

Benedetti Life is a toxin-free fashion label that cherishes the health of its consumers and the environment alike. Benedetti Life guarantees that its supply chain is socially responsible and respectful of the environment and all the creatures that live in it.



The product is protected with the Enver Protocol.