Pink Parrot Biker Jacket

Pink Parrot Biker Jacket

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Benedetti Life sees online limited edition preorders as a way to reduce overstocking and therefore avoid potentially unsold items that then become textile waste.

  • we accept preorders from June 1 2019 to November 1 2019

  • delivery date February 1 2020

Season start : 1.046.80 Eur

  • February 1 2020 – August 1 2020


MADE in Europe


A high-tech organic cotton biker’s jacket with pineapple leather shoulder back, asymmetric front zip closure and a belt that represents the cool classicism of Benedetti Life and the next generation of sustainable luxury fashion. Details include two zip pockets and zipped sleeves, slightly padded shoulders and belt loops with an inserted belt.


  • two zip pockets

  • zip asymmetric front closure

  • zip sleeves

  • belt loops

  • COMPOSITION: 100% organic cotton GOTS

  • 80% pineapple leaves 20% PLA

  • COLOUR: black, red, pink

  • MOTIF: block colour, flowers, birds

  • PRINT: water-based digital printing

  • MADE: in Europe

  • PRODUCED: in Slovenia

  • PRINTED: in Italy


  • fits to size

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Ecological certifications:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

These certificates guarantee that no toxic chemicals were used in the production process of this garment nor were released in the environment. This product is made of 100% organic genetically unmodified cotton, meaning that no pesticides, chemical fertilisers or defoliants were used in the process of its farming, and no carcinogenic or allergenic dyes were used on it after that. 

Benedetti Life is a toxin-free fashion label that cherishes the health of its consumers and the environment alike. Benedetti Life guarantees that its supply chain is socially responsible and respectful of the environment and all the creatures that live in it.


Pineapple leather

Piñatex® is an innovative natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre. This is a by-product of existing agriculture, and its use creates an additional income stream for farming communities who otherwise rely on a seasonal harvest. Once the fibre has been stripped from the leaf the leftover biomass is retained for use as a natural fertiliser or biofuel. Piñatex® was developed as a sustainable alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials, offering a better choice for a better future.




The product is protected with the Enver Protocol.